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Our Story

Bernard Mistretta and wife Rosalie Mistretta, both with a passion for food and love of entertaining, began catering for parties and weddings in 1972. The young couple had been catering for family and friends for years so the decision to start a business was a perfect fit. In 1974, their four oldest children, Cheryl, Bernard Paul, Michael and Bryan Mistretta officially started Ten “M” Corporation which refers to the 10 brothers and sisters of the Mistretta Family. Under this company, the doors to Bernardo’s Catering Service first opened, named after Bernard Paul’s great-grandfather, Bernardo Pasquali Mistretta. Cooking became a way of life for Bernard Paul. Inheriting his parents’ love of cooking simple homemade meals, Bernard Paul began cooking when he was just 10 years old for his Boy Scouts troop. Later, his cooking skills helped promote him to work as a cook during his years in the U.S. Army Motor Pool.


Today, Bernard Paul and his brother Michael Mistretta continue to do all of the heavy cooking involved with each event. They work side by side with the entire Bernardo’s Team, much of whom is part of the Mistretta Family.


After 22 years of off-site catering, the Mistretta family decided it was time to expand the business with their own catering facility. Bernard Paul had a skill for architecture and drew up the designs for the building. His dream came to life in 1996, with the opening of Palazzo Bernardo, or “The Palace of Bernardo”. The result is an impressive 12,000 square foot facility with a European-style décor, accented with Italian crystal chandeliers and featuring black and white tile floors. Palazzo can accommodate up to 850 people for receptions and 400 people for a seated dinner.


Here the family motto remains the same: Exceptional homemade food, professional service, and a creative eye for detail ensure a truly special event!

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