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Bring the open concept, mini convenience store right to your own breakroom!

What is a Micro Market?
A micro market is an unattended, self-service store with coolers and open shelves that has a variety of food and drinks, including more fresh and healthy options such as salads, sandwiches, yogurt, fruit, veggie snacks, new age beverages, teas, along with your traditional snacks and beverages. Micro markets are usually placed inside workplace environments serving employees by allowing them to scan their item along with a loaded-value key card, or with a credit or debit card.

Servicing offices or locaitons of population sizes of

50 to 500+ employees or visitors per location.

Improves Efficiency

Micro Markets enable you to eliminate your employees looking for snacks and drinks with quick, convenient onsite options!


Micro Markets have an average uptime of 99%. This enables 24/7 availability for your employees or guests. If a customer loses money, refunds can be issued immediately to a customers account.

Remote Management

No need to worry about low stock! Every transaction processed through our smart kiosk is recorded and sent to our systems, every few minutes, for restocks and reports.

Encrypted & Safe

Every Kiosk that processes credit or debit transactions, processes the payment with end to end encryption and secure transmission.

All the Selection

We are no longer restricted to the size and constraint of a vending machine! We can offer 100's of snacks, beverages and other products; no matter the size or shape!

Smart Security

 HD camera systems record 24/7. Pictures are taken in the event of cancel sale. Recordings and images can only be accessed on site to be referenced any time an issue arises.

Corporate Culture

Micro Markets are considered an employee perk with enhanced refreshments, fresh food, and a modern refined look.

Connected Campus

In instances with multiple micro markets, account balances, gift cards, and overtime autorizations can be used at any kiosk, market located on your site, or multiple sites.

Ease of Use

Our Kiosk is designed around the customer. This allows for the easiest and smooth transaction every time. Signage is also posted around the kiosk for reference!

Want to see how it works?

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